11.3. – 21.06.2009: jean prouvé at imperial furniture collection, vienna

Jean Prouvé_Cité Armchair

JEAN PROUVÉ (1901-1984),a french designer and engineer known for his radical, functional and innovative work is even nowadays inspiring the most important architects such as Norman Forster or Jean Nouvel.
J.P. started as a blacksmith. Coming to know architects like Le Corbusier led him to his first architect and design projects. Creating furniture, not only focusing on functionality and aesthetic relevance but on economy-priced manufacturing, most of it is deconstructable and usable for mass production.
Since 1949 J.P. was a member of the Résistance. Becoming major of Nancy after its freeing, he started developping and building houses for street people.
When J.P. joined the jury of the competition for `Centre Pompidou`in Paris, an international discussion was launched, for he was not an appreciated architect – he was an autodidact.



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