The Acne Archive Project

THE IDEA grew on the fact, customers were asking for pieces from older collections while lots of pieces were accumulating in stock. Why not closing the circle by selling the rare stuff in a new concept store, in an archive?

THE PROJECT`S CONCEPT is based on te simple idea to recycle clothes and sell them. Eventually enriched by some special offers from other designers, you`ll find items that`ve never been used, items being patched up to be waerable again, originals from presentations that never got the chance coming into customer`s wardrobe and models used in the showrooms.

THE STORE is rarely furnished, wallpaper made out of photos of the Millesgarden, the home of  swedish artist couple Olga and Carl Milles, and some sculptures borrowed from its museum, combine the cultural worth of art and its spirit with high quality items of ACNE and transfer the concept into SPACE.

So in lifetime they´re going to build their own museum! Why not, it reminds me of a high-end vintage store,  where people got the chance to find something so, so, so special… I´m curious about it.

Find it in Torsgatan 53, Stockholm, Sweden


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