freedom of creativity:

Sandra Backlund

Ever heard of Sandra Backlund ? She`s building knitted sculptures. Starting from the human body, she leads the process to transforming its natural silhouette. As a result she gets irritating textures at its best.

“It is a freedom to be able to make your own fabric while working. For me it is the absolute challenge. All the levels of skills you have to pass before you can even think about starting to improvise. It is the real thing and everything that the fashion industry is not.”

For me the results are the best reward for Sandra`s courage to move off the beaten paths. She`s got the courage to improvise and give creations coming along a chance to be realized. The creations are anything but accomodating, they irritate sensitively.

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  1. taspel

    I have heard of her some years ago and saw some of her stuff back then. Her design seems to get weirder every year, but I adore it … it’s sculpture, it’s art …

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