sista, by the way:


I do not care, whether you shave or not. But, if you do use one-way-shavers, take notice of the prices: It`s not only about less salary you earn as a woman (even nowadays), you also have to pay more for less:


15 one-way-shavers cost

(“BIC Comfort 2 Plus”)    4,97 € _ 0,33€/each

(“Wilkinson Extra 2″)     5,05€ _ 0,24€/each


4 one-way-shavers (“Gilette Agilité”)    2,65€ _ 0,66€/each

3 one-way-shavers (“Balea”)                  2,25€ _ 0,75€/each

I tried both, now using only shavers for men, for they last much longer and even cost less! So what do they take us for??? If you like to have a look at the perception of woman  Gilette is working with – do not be disappointed, honey, for you`re no naked venus sitting around at the beach, doing nothing but being adorable.


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