here we are. radic / morger.


RADIC / MORGER is based in Vienna. Founded by Priska Morger (was 1st assistant of Raf Simons) and Daniel Radic (worked as freelance-designer for the traditional hat manufacturer Mühlbauer in Vienna) in 2008 they were supported by Departure (encouragement of creative industries in Austria) during their foundation phase.

During the Fashion Week in Paris, while everybody was concentrating on the big shows, suddenly appeared a motorcycle in the crowd. A stylish girl on the back, holding a banner saying RADIC / MORGER.

If you´ve ever been riding a motorbike you get the rockin`feeling whenever you just see one. Once a friend said, “Sitting on the back of a motorbike lets my brain switch off while thinking, if I gotta die now, it`d be the right moment &  I won`t care.” It is fun.Highend. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The presentation of the first collection of RADIC / MORGER happened  last september in Paris: It was a performative show in the School Gallery, music was from A.R.E. Weapon. The collection underlined by accessories and boots was a statement. Statement for a rough and urban lifestyle. For the moment.






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