dear spacy treehouse,

I gotta say, I´m fascinated by you comin´round so simple and leger and modern. Would you like to be my new home?  o = yes, o = no (please mark with a cross) Let me know soon. Yours, carmencita**


The follwing treehouses are designed and realized by Baumraum, founded by architect Andreas Wenning in Bremen, Germany. You can find these amazing objects around the world in Austria, Apulia, Brasil, USA, Italy. Just to name but a few. Baumraum puts emphasis on gentle handling the trees and their natural surroundings. Using textile belts and adjustable steel cables for attaching the cabines does not damage the bark of the trees. The form work is most often made out of massive wood, but also metal, plastics and textiles are options. The treehouses got an insulation as well as electricity, flat-screens, hi-fi-systems or telephone connections can be integrated. Depending on height, construction and plot, there could be bathroom and lavatory. The Baumraum-web-site well informs about requirements, planning and possibilities in five languages, making the approach to an non-conform housing transparent and quite revealing.




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