use your voice.

Anna Garforth, English Designer and Illustrator, is using her voice in a very unconditional way: placing ecological graffitis out of moss at walls in urban space she`s playing with viewing habits and irritating our senses. Moss has got an enormous adaptability and attains a lively 3D-effect on the walls. Garforth uses a special mix of natural yoghurt to fix it. One of her projects is called Nourish: “Nourish / To provide with the substances necessary for growth, health and good condition. From Latin nutrire, ‘feed, cherish’. To provide for, sustain, encourage, nurture, cultivate, strengthen, enrich.” /press release/


With another guerilla gardening project, named Head Gardner, she is putting green accents (e.g. herbs) in forlorn public space.



These eyecatchers are an enrichment for urban space, for they unexpectedly strike the eye, make us look twice, irritate and add a little humor to everyday life.

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