curated by_matthew higgs

curated by_

Matthew Higgs

Concept of curated by_matthew higgs, Director of New York based art space White Columns:

Correspondences There`ll be two artists per gallery. Comparing two different positions for paving the way of  a new stream of contemplation and discussion in art. Seeking to amend an ongoing and sustainable exchange far away from conflicts of generation or background located in an unobstructed space.


Galerie Martin Janda / Eschenbachgasse 11/ 1st district

Galerie Krobath / Eschenbachgasse 9/ 1st district

Galerie Meyer Kainer / Eschenbachgasse 9/ 1st district

Galerie Mezzanin / Getreidemarkt 14/Eschenbachgasse/ 1st district

Galerie Steinek / Eschenbachgasse 4/ 1st. district


Rita Ackermann / John Stezaker / Anne Collier / Jan Groover / Janice Guy / Karl Holmqvist /Christopher Knowles/ Eileen Quinlan / John Stezaker / B. Wurtz / Noam Rappaport

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