best friends.

Acne is going to launch a jewellery collection for autumn/winter 2009, designed by Michael Zobel, well-known  contemporary jeweller from Germany, whose work could already be seen at MOMA/ New York and Kremlin Museum/ Moscow. I think it`s worth mentioning Michael Zobels CV: Born in 1942 in Tangier/ Marocco, raised in Barcelona/ Spain, studied in Germany at Technical School for Design in Pforzheim. Later he worked for the UNESCO-supported project “Great Silk Road. East-West”  which organized exhibitions in different cities of Asia and Europe. Michael Zobel also got a professorship at the National University for Architecture, Construction and Transport in Bishkek/ Kyrgyzstan. Conveying his studio to his long-time employee Peter Schmid in 2005, he is still participating in the creative process. The collaboration between Micheal Zobel and Jonny Johansson from Acne Studios revealed a collection, which is remarkable massive in its appearance: big rings and cuffs, metal and rough diamonds.




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  1. think, wearing them all, you won`t be able to move ;)

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