“Today, not just in fashion, it is much more about the recycling of visual codes.” (Heinz Peter Knes)

Coorporations wherever you look around. More people working in the fields of creativity than ever before. So we got more chances for personal development leading to bigger ressources leading to better innovations. Lots of ideas have already been brought out, we got  less chances to create something really new. Time for “(…)the recycling of visual codes”.

Bild 77

Bild 75

That`s what Heinz Peter Knes has done in cooperation with Postweiler Hauber for their Autumn/ Winter Collection 2009: Like in his latest photographs (to be seen above) he deconstructs prints of his own work using raster. So the surface gets splitted into front and background, the picture`s unity gets destroyed. Two dimensional prints using spacial pattern to get an threedimensional effect. Seems as if  the shirts protect the person from being labeled by the eyes of the others.




Another point is the deconstruction of gender by playing with feminity attributes: showing a print of a lady`s face on a men`s shirt, it`s amazing not to find it attracting attention for being designed so subtle and worn by an androgynous male-model. Gender becomes indistinct. The theme gets accentuated by some styles to be worn unisex and basic non colours grey, white and black added red to be found on both- men`s and women`s stuff.
Once again I find myself irritated by the “FAN”-T-Shirt where stroke and picture lack contentual conformity: it`s not the person wearing the shirt, who`s the fan. Many hands are grasping for the wearer, while oneself as the viewer becomes the FAN. As an observer you can`t evade, although you want to. Obviously these hands seem minatory and force critial questions on necessarity of nowadays starcult. And on the consequences of being popular in public. And on being fully transparent even as a private person in a world wide public space. That`s where fashion goes art, goes political.


Bild 20


It`s not the collection that I find that fascinating, it`s the attempt of transformation achieved by a cooperation between fashion and art. It´s the interface & the statement.


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