laleh khorramian.

Laleh Khorramian

Water Panics in the Sea, Scene 9

Laleh Khorramian

Laleh Khorramian

What I love about art is the impression you get about what`s going on in other people`s mind. If these expectations were answered, I will not care about an  aesthetic or formal fit. In this case, I always get more than I expected.. Laleh Khorramian, born 1974 in Teheran, educated in the U.S., was artist in residence at Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna. The results of her three-monthly stay and work were shown in the exhibition “Water Panics in the Sea, Scene 9” from 03/ 25 – 06/ 06/2009. For she`s planning to make a film, she was preparing different scenes. Scene 9, already completed, the storyboard and according to this paintings contributed to an atmospherically enchanting and lasting impression.

“…The past ten years, Laleh Khorramian‘s work has evolved around ideas of theater and spectacle, and of „hyperreality“ derived from artificiality and abstractions as points of departure to reflect upon human abysses. In particular, her work uses the viewer‘s imagination to create worlds on paper, that reappear in her videos within a repositioned frame of time and space.
Khorramian works on paper and with digital stop-frame animation. On paper, she begins with monotypes and upon them draws, paints and creates collages that result in spatial investigations through landscape-like images or small drawings…” (press release by Krinzinger Projekte)


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