How to make a photogram: First place an object directly on the surface of a photo-sensitive material such as photographic paper. Then expose light to it. What you get is a negative shadow, varying in abstract forms and tones. One of the early birds in producing photograms was Hungarian artist László Moholy-Nagy. He became a professor at Bauhaus in Weimar in 1923, when the school got new orientation under the influence of deStijl: handcrafted objects made way for industrial ones produced in series. Beside his main focus on photography, Moholy-Nagy shifted between typography, sculpture, painting, print making and industrial design and was strongly influenced by russian costructivism. At that time he was rebell searching for another language of expression than traditional painting, for a new view in modern times. In 1937 Moholy-Nagy`s work was shown at the ” Entartete Kunst“- Exhibition (travelling exhibition in Germany), a presentation of art that did not share the National Socialist`s perverse ideas of a pseudo-naturalistic model.


László Moholy-Nagy, photogram number 1, The Mirror, 1928


László Moholy-Nagy, photogram, 1924, gelatin silver print, 40.0 x 47.8cm


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  1. lovely examples i create other ones called lumenprints

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