In cooperation with strassenfeger, homeless people were engaged as performers side by side to professional models at Patrik Mohr`s runway show at Berlin Fashion Week. Great attempt to make a stereotyped and too often narrow-minded scene aware of people that normally stand far away from it, who are seperated because of social segregation.
The performance can be also seen as a successful provocation, for some of the fashionistas couldn`t get along with it: Argumenting, that it`s only Mohr himself, who`ll get profit out of it (as read here), I might ask to come back to reality. What is the rest doing? Anything else than public relations? And can anybody claim about that or things, like fashion, that are just great fun? There couldn`t be neither an art market nor any fashion scene without capitalism. Welcome to real life, honey! Mohr brings politics to fashion. Seems as if  he`s aware of being always political as a human, trying to open constructed frontiers for new and experimental possibilities: zoon politikón.

Patrick Mohr

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