I spend some stunning days in Hamburg. Get some impressions from the north of Germany,
some things that catched my eyes.


Spend some (or: too many) great nights at GOLDEN PUDEL CLUB.


LABSKAUS is a meal for seafarers and sailors. Made out of corned beef, potatoes,
onions and bacon. To be served with fried eggs, pickled cucumber and beet root.


INAESTHETIK. I bought this bilingual magazine (English and German), based on the
topics of art and philosophy, at my favourite book-dealer
Cohen + Dobbernigg. Could spend several hundred Euros there each time.


Totally missed to visit any exhibition, but went to the harbour, visited one of the take-aways at Große Elbstraße, got a sandwich with fresh salmon and horseradish, enjoyed the magnificent view and was happy. This is a flyer of HAMBURGER KUNSTHALLE.


Could snatch an issue of PROVENCE, a magazine edited by Daiga Grantina, Tobias Kaspar and
Hannes Loichinger while visiting the “Open House” at HFBK. There`ll be eight issues about the vanishing of the concept of free time. A space for the reflection of creation and recreation, dedicated to hobbies. Contributing
Christian NaujoksKaspar MüllerAndrea Legiehn, among others, and an interview with Fumiko Gotô.


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