More than 120 people working in the fields of art, architecture, photography, graphic design, fashion, music and urban planning got their working spaces at so-called Frappant-House Große Bergstrasse in Hamburg/ Altona. In the last years this place was home for various interdisciplinary projects that came out of their collaborations. A liveley, cultural space for temporary projects as well as long-term utilization. A highly frequented space that could easily contribute to break up Hamburg`s cultural  beauty-rest.
But now, the house has been sold to swedish giant of furniture: IKEA is planning to open it`s first shop in the inner circle of a city. The old building has to make way for one of the” beautiful” IKEA blocks.
This decision is far away from any soft and sustainable urban regeneration. Just imagine the up-coming traffic in this district or think about the disturbances caused by the roadworks. Normally even small but intelligent encroachments implicate changes in urban planning – so one cannot imagine what consequences a careless approach like an IKEA block in Altona will have the longer-term.

pictures taken in July 2009, at Frappant/ Große Bergstraße/ Hamburg


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