Aurore de La Morinerie

Aurore de La Morinerie

both monotypes by Aurore de la Morinerie: Haute couture collection Christian Lacroix, 2008 / Cat playing, 2008

A monotype is created by painting or drawing on glass, acrylic or metalboards. As long as the paint is wet, the board gets pressed by hand or press on the ground (e.g.paper). The composition is achieved by selectively using paint or pressing the board more or less soft or hard on the material used as a ground for the print.
A monotype is to be seen as an original, for it`s not possible to print any desired number of identical prints.
See monotypes and illustrations of artist Aurore de la Morinerie, (i.a. working for Hermès, Elle, Le Monde) until August 8 at Institute Francais, Munich.


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