arts in the garden.

Natureza em Risco

“…as we walk past it, will grow a “diary” of the garden, superimposing spontaneous and arbitrary records, productively artistic through the action of the wind on the rods with markers attached to their ends which will operate like a wind printer of the intervention of viewers ready to interact with them, thus creating a drawing of their journey….”(Plácido, Bento Botelho: Natureza em Risco)
The interactive installation “Natureza em Risco” created by architect Lara Plácido and sculptor Sara Bento Botelho is growing at Festival Internacional de Jardins in Ponte de Lima, Portugal. The 5th International Garden Festival is taking place from May to October in the oldest town in Portugal. This year`s theme “Arts in the Garden” is showing a line-up of artworks in public space designed by international participants from nineteen countries worldwide.



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2 responses to “arts in the garden.

  1. Hello!

    Thanks very much for post our project. We hope that you like it!

    :) Lara | Sara


    @lara & sara: yes, I do like it! unfortunately, I cannot visit the exhibition…

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