free criticism.



Free criticism requires an  acceptance of the circumstances. Some artists still behave as if the were acting from outside the system. Outside of a capitalistic structure. On the supposition that there`s a right life in the wrong one, they keep arguing, that we need artists, producing art from “outside” . Even an unemployed artist, refusing to take part at society`s life is influenced by the circumstances and therefore taking part. The blinkered assumption  to have a look on what is going on from outside does neither lead to changing or moving anything nor will it enable to criticize. There`s no refusal from nothing. There`s no refusal from the surroundings or from yourself. While refusing, you`re already influenced. Selling art, one`s  serving the rules of an industry. Selling goods, requires a market. Where one can find a market, there`s capitalism. Theres no artmarket without capitalism.
(like to go deeper into a deeper discussion? read this text by London-based Pil and Galia Kollectiv)

credits: pictures taken by me at Ve.Sch, Vienna/ 31st of July/ Exhibition opening: Henning Straßburger: “A Kansas City Shuffle” –


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