by mail.


I love letters or gifts by mail. Today (what a day!) I received a gift & a letter of Christoph from India:”The Eclipse Trip” –  362.880 different versions of a movie on just one DVD!
“Five friends from Auroville in South India went north to see the full eclipse on July, 22nd 2009. The journey was documented, edited and published online in 9 episodes on This movie now is a collection of these 9 episodes being played in a different random order each time the DVD is started. That means there are 362.880 possible different versions of this movie. All of them are on this DVD.” (starring Christoph, Fritz, Jamie, Nadav, Tom and others/ filmed, edited and programmed by Christoph Pohl) /press release/
Means, I am definitely prepared for the upcoming winter in Vienna. For Christoph asked me to pass it on after copying, just let me know and I`ll send it to you. First come, first served.

Interview with Christoph Pohl: here.
First public screening: today at VisualBerlin/ Neukölln, Berlin.



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2 responses to “by mail.

  1. What a great idea. Is he only sending around one copy? Have to get the podcast.


    no, there are some more going around. but mine will be yours!

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