…killin`nazi buisness is a boomin.

Inglorious Basterds-Quentin Tarantino

As just seen in Inglourious Basterds, the latest stuff of Mr. well-known Tarantino, it´s not Miss Diane Kruger`s tour de force, but apart from her, this film is an absolutely must for this year. What a great idea to collect all Nazis in a cinema to burn them down! Watch stunning Christoph Waltz, funny Texan accent-speaking “Apache Commander” Brad Pitt or as talented as beautiful Mélanie Laurent. Even Til Schweiger is playing a part he can`t go wrong with – what I never expected: he hasn`t much to say, but a lot to do…”because we´re in the Nazi killin` business, and business is a boomin.” (For my German friends: Do yourself a favour & watch it in English original version!)
By the way: Mr. Tarantino may be a bad ass motherfucker*, but his blog is looking like the blog of a little baby-boy. So, Mr. Tarantino, if you need help, just let me know.

* (he so describes himself on his blog)


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