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Katja Nitsche self-portrait

(Katja Nitsche self-portrait)

As I´m actually deepening my theoretical knowledge in the field of Visual Culture while making experiences in taking photos myself, I got the idea, to catch a professional photographer`s view: Katja Nitsche visited the Staatliche Fachakademie für Fotodesign München, is now working as a freelancer and kindly spend some time on making an self-portrait and answering my questions.

CARMENCITA: When did you get into photography and why?

KATJA NITSCHE: I first started taking photos when I was 15 years old to find an understanding of the world around me. In the years that followed I wanted to break with clichés.

CARMENCITA: Where does your inspiration come from? And what is it about a motif/ picture that catches your eye?

KATJA NITSCHE: I get my inspiration from my environment, human nature and the feelings that these trigger in me. For example, when I first saw Moritz (the elder of the ‘Three Brothers’) I was deeply moved by his vulnerability. It took some time for this impression to settle and for ideas to mature. One morning – quite simply – I knew exactly how I wanted to portray these siblings; I had the picture in my head.

CARMENCITA: I like the themes of your work. There`s always a responsible – minded and critical, but no commercial accentuation. Could you describe your personal approach to photography?

KATJA NITSCHE: I want to capture the essence of a person in the simplest form possible. There’s a certain purity which I like to make visible. Although I try not to influence the person in front of the camera, I do stage them in a way that I feel will underline their singularity.

CARMENCITA: Being aware of the power and influence of pictures, what comes to mind when you reflect on the irresponsibility of dealing with pictures?

KATJA NITSCHE: In a way I think you’re hinting at an answer. Everybody knows about the power images have. Of course I am disgusted at how pictures are implemented in certain (inappropriate) ways. But everybody defines responsibility and how they deal with it individually.

CARMENCITA: Whose photographic work do you admire, and why?

KATJA NITSCHE: Esko Männikkö. Why? Take a look at his book ‘The Female Pike‘.

CARMENCITA: Do you think it`s harder for photographers to start up now than it was at the time when you began?

KATJA NITSCHE: It was difficult when I started but I’m sure it’s just as hard now. I don’t think that all that much has changed in the last ten years as far as starting up in a freelance career is concerned.

CARMENCITA: Is there anything you haven`t done that you`d like to do (in photography or life)?

KATJA NITSCHE: There sure is! Lucky me.

CARMENCITA: Thank you for spending some time on answering!

A section from the free work ‘Drei Brüder‘ (‘Three Brothers’) of Katja Nitsche:

Katja Nitsche

Katja Nitsche

A section of the work ‘Residenz‘ of Katja Nitsche:

Katja Nitsche

Katja Nitsche

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