mobile #1

The first mobile (in Latin: mibilis ‘versatile’/ ‘beweglich’) was created by American sculptor Alexander Calder. It inspired Marcel Duchamp to call it ‘mobile’ in 1932. Changing its appearance by wind  leads to changing its position in space, leads to new interaction of shadow and light. Mobiles belong to the category of kinetic art (Greek: kinétikós ‘concerning motion’/ ‘die Bewegung betreffend’), that`s hinting for the experience in motion. Even Marcel Duchamp started kinetic experiments really early: a rotating disc which constantly changes its appearance depending on the speed of its turn. In Constructivism the kinetic art took on greater significance in work of Moholy-Nagy while culminating in the 50`s and 60`s.

Flenstedt Mobiles

Flenstedt Mobiles

Flenstedt Mobiles

Futura. The first mobile designed by Ole Flenstedt in 1970. The six bars create a dynamic tension between light and heavy counterpoints / 35x 75cm

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