Departure is going to present the LOOK/BOOK 2009 on October, 9 at Pratersauna/ Vienna during Vienna Design Week 2009 (1.-11.10.09): Moderation: Clarissa Stadler _Music: Thrishes (FM4, Melting Pot)/ V-Team (Seayou) & Special Guests_Visuals: sound:frame selection curated by Eva Fischer

LOOK/BOOK 2009 guides through the creative scene of Vienna providing interviews and stories by Mercedes Bunz, Alison J. Clarke, Wojciech Czaja, Christian Egger, Thomas Glavinic, Sebastian Hofer, Claudia Hubmann, Markus KeuschniggChristian Kühn, Stefan Niederwieser, Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Karin Pollak, Bradley Quinn, Robert Rotifer, Almuth Spiegler and Christoph Thun-Hohenstein.
The LOOK/BOOK 2009 will be available in your bookstore or at www.vfmk.de


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