schau‘ provides art. Quartely. For young people from 12 years up to eighteen and sometimes much older.
Each cover is designed by an artist, each edition is packed with information about contemporary art and artists, architecture, design and exhibitions. Far away from any technical jargon, the language is easy to understand while the style is clear and modern. Go for an current edition informing about Elke Krystufek, next ENTERprise, Andy Warhol, digital art at Lentos Museum/ Linz or Andreas Stalzer giving an insight into the production of serigraphs.


Cover of current edition designed by Elke Krystufek using an instalation view
of Austrian Pavillon, Venice, 2009


Cover of 1st edition designed by Nicolas Mahler, using a picture of Julius Schichtl from
the collection of Stadtmuseum/ Munich

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