jarmark europa.

Jarmark EuropaJarmark Europa

Jarmark Europa: Filmmaker Minze Hummescheidt accompanies two women on their way to Warsaw. They are traders at a market, that became one of the largest bazaars in Eastern Europe within the last years, but does not appear in any trade balance. The market around Dziesiecioleicia Stadion`s decrepit concrete construction is developping between the poles of globalisation from above (international competition) and globalisation from below (transnational migration). The market`s dynamic reveals a networking-character in a radical and deregulated worldwide movement of people, goods and capital.
Most of the traders are women, saving their family`s income. Most of them are higher educated: the intelligensia that had been working within the system, did not  benefit from  the perestroika. Minze Hummescheidt`s very personal documentation on these women shows those, who did not profit from the eastward enlargement. She reflects on the power of images: pictures she wasn`t allowed to take, are told by herself from the off. Sometimes the text  keeps telling things, the pictures do not inform about. Avoiding strategies such as reconstruction of scenes, showing closed doors or smudging faces (which we hardly get served in too many tv-documentations), Hummescheidt reveals the frontiers of her production. The result is  a document for new forms of self-organization and appropriation on the one side. On the other side an impressively and intimate documentation that never makes you even suppose the pictures could be lying to you.


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