go east.

Today I noticed a lack of travel guides for eastern cities like Belgrade in one of the biggest bookshops of Vienna. But not only Belgrade was underrepresented in the selection – there was just ONE! guide to be found for Serbia with a lay-out  coming as conventionally and unattractive as possible. This shouldn`t be the reason to cancel my trip to Belgrade in December, so I decided to order the `loneley planet`and, at least, was lucky to combine it with art magazine spike`s ‘ART GUIDE EAST’/ Volume 1 focussing on Belgrade, Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague, Sarajevo, Sofia, Vienna & Zagreb. Local authors were asked to bring together their very personal selection of spots apart from those appearing in standard tourist`s guides. One can find a small but fine variety for short trips. Common categories as ‘Sleep’ or ‘Restaurants’ are supplemented with ‘Art’, ‘Art Events, ‘Alternative Sightseeing’ and a ‘Short Art History` for each city.



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