changing strategies #1

changing strategiesOctober 23rd/ starting 10am: changing strategies is taking place once a year at University of Technology Vienna. It´s organized by students of UT in cooperation with William Alsop (Alsop Architects, London). The symposium`s purpose is  an interdisciplinary exchange with international experts from the fields of architecture, economy, politics, sociology, philosophy and art.

Starting at 10 a.m. with different lectures from Àdám Somlai-Fischer, Hiroshi Ishiguro, ABK and Rheinzink on this year`s topic  ‘(wo)man and machine’, there`ll be various panels in the afternoon:

3 p.m._1st panel_Robo Sapiens – body and machine with

Daniela Cerqui/ Hiroshi Ishiguro/ Christoph Lindinger/ Kevin Warwick/ Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky /moderator: Stuart Freeman

6 p.m._2nd Panel_ Machine Made Houses – buildings and machines with

Roman Delugan/ Àdám Somlai-Fischer/ Rüdiger Magg/ Oliver Schürer/ Bernhard Serexhe/ moderator: Barbara Imhof

9 p.m._Final Discussion_Machine Made Houses

evolution of a new species

>>find out more

artwork by Naomi Devil


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