changing strategies #2






I visited a a panel discussion of ‘changing strategies’ featuring Daniela Cerqui, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Christoph Lindinger and Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky, wondering at the fact, that more or less 20 people were interested in a controverse discussion on creating the future of technology. The discussion was settled around the relation between “Body and Machine”, inquiring after the border between the human body and technology, acceptable interfaces and dealing with the question, how to keep us as individuals.
As technology is high-speed developping, it reveals an increasing need of responsible practices and, of course, theory. We are constantly striving for liquefaction in cultural practices. Currently there`s to state the wish to emerge with technology by becoming something more complex. In the 90`s we got  C.A.V.E. technology for body-expanding experiences, actually there`s e.g. Kevin Warwick on his way to becoming the first cyborg: He`s got a chip-implantation in his arm, that`s transferring signals from his mind through cyberspace.
New media makes new relationships between body and world, so it`s necessary to edge the perception of our body as it`s is connected with time and space. Keeping in mind the self-image of human nature, that`s developping towards technology – as a result we got stereotypical reactions to national appearances e.g. Second Life. If not the so called ‘cyberprovincialism’ or first plagiarisms of cyborgs are seen as signals for a need of critical reception and responsible creation of technology by more than 20 guys, then what ?


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