Vienna is burning: About two weeks ago, a movement at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, based on the problem of a permanent underfinanciation in Austria`s educational system, was the reason for occupation of main auditorium by students at University of Vienna. Rapid statements of solidarity were made all over Austria at UT Vienna and BOKU, in Salzburg, Graz, Linz Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, where lecture halls are also seized. But not enough: The occupation of auditoriums in currently six German cities followed: University of Heidelberg, Munich University of Applied Arts, University of Münster, University of Potsdam, University of Technology Darmstadt and Auditorium 25 in Tübingen. The students got solidarity by huge number of public organisations such as ÖGB, just to name one of the most popular. Today, on the topic of “education is not for sale” there were actions taking place in up to 30 other countries!

The petitions are:
1) Academic formation rather than simple job training
2) Free entry to university-level education
3) Democratisation of the universities
4) Full funding of the universities
5) The Disability Equality Act must be effectuated at all universities in order to allow for a barrier-free studying
6) The precarious working conditions for university personnel must be put to a stop
7) We call for a 50 % proportion of female staff at all levels and universities

>>> find out more at

pictures: protest in Vienna, 2009 Novemver 5 by myself

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