non-verbal place.

Machhoya Nirakar

Machhoya Nirakar, Untitled, pvc pipes, fixative, 60 in diameter

 Machhoya Nirakar

Machhoya Nirakar, Untitled, cheap wood board, mirror, resin, 84 x 180 inches

“Neurologists have determined that the old brain holds the seat of our most primal understandings of the world. Goodwill, safety, fear, anxiety, self protection, gravity, sexuality and compulsive behaviors find their basic roots in this lower cerebral core. I make sculpture and drawings that tap this non-verbal place, provoking emotional, visceral and perceptual responses — an awareness of the sublime. These non-representational works are subtle, rhythmic, and abstract and often manic. The large scale drawings are fields of marks in a variety of linear media, each developed as a system that slowly accumulates to create an abstract matrix of perceptions. […] Anne Lindberg

Anne Lindberg

Anne Lindberg, Insomnia 3, 2008, pencil on vellum with archival pigmented print; 28 by 34 inches


Anne Lindberg, parallel 11 plumbago, graphite on cotton board, 42 by 70 inches



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2 responses to “non-verbal place.

  1. I wouldn’t mind putting the last one up on my wall.

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