I passed Johannes Vogl`s installation ‘O.T. (Lichtung)’ near Praterstern/ Vienna several times, before taking a few minutes to stop by, walk around it and finally put my head back. Just a small change of perspective and the installation became accessible to me: the image of a glade with a real natural background – real heaven shining through a visual net of drawing-like wood. It´s a kind of calm visual intervention, that immersively hints at the ongoing visual transformation of an area, seen as a problematic and criminal one, to a branded district facing the futuristic image of a city.

Beside this fantastic artwork, there are more installations, sculptures and iconic works from Marita Fraser and Alex Lawler, Sonia Gangls, Nikolaus Gansterer, Christian Mayer, Viktoria Tremmels and Andreas Strauss’ to be explored up to December 1, 2009 around Fluc, Praterstern, Vienna. It´s the second time ‘Urban Signs – Local Strategies’ curated by Ursula Maria Probst, Walter Seidl und Martin Wagner takes place around the Fluc – area and hopefully there are more to come.

Johannes Vogl, O.T. (Lichtung), (2009), Installation


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  1. next year she’ll curate something in Melk, apparently, a temporary exhibition in Public Space…

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