last chance, last dance. creating worlds (I)

Unbelievable, but, at last chance, I managed to visit La Biennale di Venezia 2009 titled ‘Making Worlds’. What I found in the pavilions at Giardini partly left me cold. Better to say, the  single pavilion`s architecture was quite more interesting than most of the artwork: Whether the context was hiding away or the whole stuff was circling around the so individual and extraordinary personality of the so interesting artist – I could hardly find stuff challenging criticism or provoking reaction. In most cases the exhibition rooms`architecture beared no relation to the artwork, the whole gained randomness. Exceptions were the Austrian pavilion, that catched my eye with the exalted painting style by Elke Krystufek, the Korean pavilion with treating installations and sculptures in an atmospherical way you only get after an intensive discussion, the Netherlands` pavilion where I loved the video-installatons, the sounscapes and their interpolation with the showroom. I couldn`t get pictures of all I liked, but will show some in the following posts.

[On the pictures: art as only art can be – Nathalie Djurberg`s colourful, sweet-bitter and wild fantasy-creations of world, breaking with visual habits, questioning the perception of beauty and cruelty.]




2 responses to “last chance, last dance. creating worlds (I)

  1. Djurberg totally rocks. but the austrian pavilion, I truly found nightmarish ;)

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