like my grandma`s attic. [favourite places #6]

That`s what it feels like: Venice reminds me of my grandma`s attic. I could spend hours walking round, watching houses, spying in backyards or marvel at the lagune in fantastic light. Venice is made for plunging into another world, as far as you go there out of season and do not get barged by hordes of tourists all the time. (Even the canals do not smell like hell in November.) But spending too much time in such a fairy-tale world gets me sick and fed up after a while. It´s like eating too many sweets…on a visual level. I start missing contrasts in a city that lacks any sign of contemporary innovation. As I couldn`t find any kind of shop selling electronic stuff, it made me ask where they got all the flat screens for video installations at Biennale from??? Maybe imported from Singapore?
But don`t get me wrong, I´ve always loved my grandmother`s attic and would totally go there again..


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