visual me #1

A constantly growing presence and power of pictures constructing world (mentioned for the first time by William John Mitchell in the early 90`s as the pictorial turn) let me start a new series called “visual me”. I`ll have a look at various forms of representation of stereotyped gender roles in different genres as there are art, advertising, new media and photography… I´d like to point out, that I am aware of the existence of more than two biological sexes, I´m not interested in a discussion of any dichotomy here. I´d rather like to focus on the fact, that there`s no women`s equality in society yet – no change is becoming visible. More than half of the world`s population is still repressed by the rest. Have a look at the wages: in case of same qualifications women still earn less than men. In Austria there`re more than 50% female students. They get taught by 87% men in academic positions – there are only 13% women in educational positions at universities. The facts lead me to concentrate on the representation of the female body, to give weight to the construction of stereotyped female roles in visual culture. All pictures we find placed in cinema, urban space, the internet and other media have a strong – often undervalued – impact on our identity – they build up our “visual me”.


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