manipulating reality.

” […] Photography and video art have always been based on the conflict between recording reality and, at the same time, becoming themselves a falsification of that reality, a viewpoint that builds a particular image of the world. Today, with the spreading popularity of easy-to-use digital technology, that ambiguity has if anything increased, pushing the conflict between appearance and reality to its outer edges.[…]” /press release/

How images redefine the world

2009, September 25 – 2010, January 17
Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina (CCCS)
Firenze, Italy

Rebecca 1, 2001, series “Still Lovers”, C-Print, Aluminium, 74,6 x 74,6 cm, Edwynn Hook Gallery, New York © Elena Dorfman

Cigarette, 2007 , C-type Print, 120 x 96 cm, Courtesy the artist; Meessen De Clercq, Brussels, © Sarah Pickering

site specific_LAS VEGAS 05, 2005, Color print, Courtesy BRANCOLINI GRIMALDI ARTE CONTEMPORANEA, Roma © Olivo Barbieri

S#14, 2005, Light Jet Print, Dibond, 180 x 267 cm, Courtesy Barbara Gross Galerie, Munich © 2008 VG Bildkunst, Beate Gütschow

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