beograd #1

collage made out of various pictures from a ‘Beograd’ calendar for 2010 by myself

My first experience in the wild east took place in the icy and freezing Belgrade in Serbia. Most of the things you see above, I haven`t seen: I love exploring the city by walking around, but round about -10°C were definitely too much for me. I found myself in the middle of a snowy storm, frozen hands and toes, being disoriented for the street`s signs in Cyrillic Script didn`t become accessible to me. The tempearture was so hard, that I most often lost my motivation to get out my camera and take pictures. Just one hour walking around made me want to get into the next café where you could hear the locals being amazed at the snow storms going on. Only chance to feel comfortable: a hot and viscous chocolate, good Serbian red wine and cigarettes. (Everybody`s smoking everywhere!)

exchange rate: 1€ is approx. 0,95 RDS (Serbian Dinar)

Belgrad holds some surprises, like debatable cab-fees. So it`worth getting a little prepared for your trip –  you`ll find everything a little bit different than at (your western) home. A few words in any eastern language can open hearts and in most cases you earn a bright smile although you`re speaking Polish. It could also be helpful to get some knowledge in Cyrillic alphabet, 95 percent of the street signs are written in Cyrillic Script. I recommend to get an accomodation in so called ‘Old Belgrade‘ that`s full of bars and cafés and plan your stay between spring and autumn – it`s definitely worth a trip.

I was accomodated too far from the inner city for my taste (see the black point, left side). Could be alright in summer – ten minutes by foot to the Danube island, that turns into a green liveley place for hanging round and swimming in sunshine.

[I´m waiting for my analog pictures getting developped and will show some more impressions during this week.]


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