The Choice of subjects for my prints depends on the mood I find myself in that day. But generally I prefer subjects that can be developed into a series, forming an album.  In using this method, I have the feeling that I am telling a whole story, not just a single incident.

Romain de Tirtoff (*1882 St. Petersburg/ †1990 Paris) was  illustrator, stage and fashion designer and leading exponent of Art Deco in the early 1920`s. He called himself Erté after the french pronounciation of his initials (R.P.). Erpé contributed drawings to Harper`s Bazaar for 22 years, designed outfits and performing pieces for one of the most famous show girsl of that time, Mata Hari. His costume and stage designs were asked for at e.g. the Opera in Paris and at the Broadway.

For me, sculpting is a natural impulse; in my creative technique I conceive designs in three dimensions….  It is impossible for a fashion designer to produce a model of each design, so he must be content with a drawing.  Any designer is thus restricted to two dimensions, and a fashion designer is also confined to the physical proportions of the human being, a beautiful but rather predictable form.   Sculpting – working in three dimensions – has relieved me of these restrictions and has allowed me to exercise all of my creative impulses, including the use of color and the modeling of fantastic forms.  The greatest thrill of any fhsion designer is to see his drawing come to life – to rise from the flat page and be worked into cotumes that transform thw wearer into an object of beauty and desire.  Only when a design is realized can its success be properly judged.  I am filled with a sense of excitement whenever I see and touch a bronze from my Sculpture Collection, through which I have been able to see my drawings, thoughts, ideas, and dreams come to life as never before.  (Excerpt “Erte Sculpture”)

Erte (Romain de Tirtoff) 1892 -1990
Hand Carved Encased Glass Vase
Height: 19 inches, Width: 5 inches
2004 From an early original design in Gouache



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  2. jewelryaccessories78

    Beautiful illustrations by a great fashion illustrator! Great post!

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