how to think culture in the 21st century?

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Serpentine Gallery, London,  is located close to Speaker`s Corner in Hyde Park, which has been used as a stage by Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, George Orwell and William Morris, just to name a few. The proximity to this traditional location led to launching an annual marathon bringing together artists and practitioners from various disciplines. The discussions and lectures take place in a pavilion, that`s yearly constructed by another renown architect.
Serpentine Marathon in 2008, the two-day ‘futurological-congress’ included speakers from a wide range of cultural practice: the fields of architecture, art, design, science, philosophy, music, literature and film were represented by a new generation of artists returning to the historical notion of the manifesto.
All manifests and ideas presented by 70 artists, from Marina Abramovic, Jimmie Durham, Brian Eno, David Hockney, Jonas Mekas, Yvonne Rainer, Mark Wallinger und Vivienne Westwood to Lebbeus Woods can now be found in a documentary book: Serpentine Gallery Manifesto Marathon.
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