beograd #2

Стадион Партизана – Stadion Partizana. The stadion was buildt 1949 named Stadion JNA. In socialist Yugoslavia under Tito it was the place for the anual celebration of “Day of Youth” on May 25 between the 50`s and 1987. Offering place for 55,000 people before the UEFA security regulations in 1998 came to effect, Partizan Stadion now has a capacity for 32,887.

Војномедицинска академија – Military Medical Academy (MMA), often simply called VMA, is located in the Banjica neighbourhood of Belgrad. It was designed by the award-winning architects Colonel Josip Osojnik and Slobodan Nikolić in 1973. The construction was finished in 1981 and the hospital officially moved into a new building and began operations on January 1, 1982.

Краља Петра Београд – Kralja Petra ulica. Seven different styles of architecture can be found in along this street. In the neighbourhood an area full of cafés, bars and shops has developped.




3 responses to “beograd #2

  1. einen sehr shönen blog machst du hier, muss ich einfach mal sagen! smilla

  2. schade nur, daß man nur über bloglovin abonnieren kann, oder hab ich was übersehen?


    dankeschön, smilla!
    du kannst die neuesten posts auch als RSS feed oder per mail (oben rechts “m.e.t.r.o.n.o.m. by mail” – einfach e-mail-adr. eingeben und clicken) abonnieren. oder natürlich über facebook oder networked-blogs..

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