all year round.

Conversation with Lene Mirdal, architect and designer of All Year Round Calendar.

CR: Where did you get the inspiration for the All Year Round Calendar?

LM: It was an idea I got after working on an interdisciplinary project about visual conception of space and time. I did a questionnaire that revealed that the vast majority of us – regardless of age and profession – see time as linear or circular and rarely as square as in common planners and calendars. At the same time I have always wandered why most planners hanging in home and offices are (often not so nice) promotion planners… and the idea for The All Year Round Calendar popped up.

CR: Do you see the form in a metaphorical context?

LM: I like the visualization of time as circular and the holistic way of over viewing the whole year. The gap in the circle in the end of the year / beginning of the next makes it almost a two dimensional spiral (if you imagine stacking the calendars year after year).

CR: What kind of material did you choose and why?

LM: Because The All Year Round Calendar is an alternative to the many dull promotion calendars it was obvious to make a design that is easy to hang on the wall. Therefore it is made as a poster. Many choose to frame it and write on the glass. The package design was integrated from the beginning and the calendar comes rolled up in tubes easy to grab and gift. Sustainable design is important and central in all my work and for The All Year Round Calendar both the paper and printing factory are sustainability labeled.

CR: What about the colours?

LM: The colours come from Goethe’s classic colour wheel that match the seasons in the northern hemisphere (where I live:) with darker colours for winter, green for spring, yellow for summer and reddish colours for autumn.

CR: As you`re an architect, which importance has time for you personally and professionally speaking?

LM: I am very aware of the way I spend my time. I love my work and I spend a lot of my time working and have a tendency to work too much. As most people basically creating and spending time with friends and family is what makes me happy. With The All Year Round Calendar I can fill in dinners, travels, holidays, birthdays, etc. – and a pattern appears– did I travel enough? Did I work too much? Overviewing the hole year with months, weeks, days and hours reminds me that time is mine and that I can choose how I want to spend it and enjoy it.

CR: Thanks, Lene, for spending some time on answering my questions!

The All Year Round Calendar shows EU and US summertime (daylight saving time).
US summertime is shown in dotted lines.
In EU: 28. Marts – 23. October
In US: 14. Marts – 06.November
design by  Lene Mirdal


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  1. That was spot on! I could not have done that better at all haha. Hate to admit it though :P

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