visual me #8

Ad of Daily Serbian Newspaper “GAZETA”: ‘Who says, that it`s impossible?’, picture.myself.

Visiting a city, that`s not riddled with doppelganger-images at each corner or digital facades along the streets, makes a quite soothing experience.
It became kind of a demanding task to find advertising fitting for my ‘visual me’ – series. Most ads, devoid of human representation, treat the products themselves. The oversized appearance of ‘Daily Serbian Newspaper’ near the Belgrade Fairground (Exhibition Center) constitutes an exception I found rather charming. So called “Best Agers” (what a creation!) are hard to find in ads, although society`s mean age is getting higher and higher. But keeping a weary eye on the standards imposed by ads in form of doppelganger images makes clear: heteronormativity made up by women wearing dresses and heels, strong men wearing suits and fullfilling – also in older ages – the role of the ever – supporting, strong man.


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