informal markets Ø4

credits: Joachim Hackl & Klaus Molterer

A conversation between Joachim Hackl, Klaus Molterer and Carmen Rüter.

CR: What was your personal interest in the topic of research on “Informal Markets” ?

KM & JH: A working approach oscillating in between voyeurism and pseudo-scientific analysis.

CR: Could you describe your project in a few sentences?

KM/ JH: We looked at the spatial implications of the border as a set of changing conditions rather than an absoluteness and how its changing characteristics can influence social, architectural and urban development.

CR: Why did you choose this particular place for your work and how did you come across it?

KM/ JH: Viennas location close to the former Iron Curtain is an exciting homebase with an uprising and changing set of distinct border
economies over the last 20 years along the border of Austria/Germany and former Czechoslovakia.

CR: What about the process of your work? Where did you start and how did you develop the final result?

KM/ JH: Trying to resist the temptation of a voyeuristic mostly pictographic form of presentation, we forced ourselves to a strict cartographic approach, leading to a series of partly speculative maps combined with a short essay.

CR: What can you finally say about the results of this new way of spatial practice?

KM/ JH: Due to the vastness of the topic we don`t see the project as something finished, but would rather like to look at it as an ongoing investigation going  along with and complementing other projects we are involved in.


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  1. ahhh, such “voyeristic and pseudo-scientific” work really catches my intererst. reminds me of my studies… :-)

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