informal markets Ø5

credits: Carmen Rüter, [S]PACES, 2010_click pictures to see sound-picture-collages.

The constitution of space systematically produces places, as well as places are inevitable to the emergence of space. The place is therefore an aim and result of the placement. At one place different spaces can emerge side by side and in competition to each other, respectively negotiated  in class- or gender-specific conflicts.

(Löw, Martina (2001). Grundlagen einer Soziologie des Raums–zusammenfassende Betrachtung. In: dies., Raumsoziologie. Frankfurt/ M.:Suhrkamp, 263‐ 273)

Due to the development of new technologies, space is perceived as discontinuously, moldable and movable. Space is comparable with a floating network. According to this knowledge, I went out in Vienna between October, 2009 and January, 2010 looking for spaces which – apart from their supposed function – developed a contrast to their conventional and original usage. I was looking for informal markets. Finally I chose three different places, that became a process with their own dynamics. I stroke up conversations with people, who are directly involved in the constitution of these spaces. The conversations were recorded as audio-data and combined with documentary photographs: They make up three different sound-picture-collages, that give an impression about the characters, their individual way of reflection about the space and the atmosphere, that`s rather particular for these places. The interviews reveal, that informal markets and their actors are connected in networks.


Naschmarkt/ flea market, November, 2009 – four saleswomen with different social background (15’0)

Kost Nix Laden, November, 2009 – Franz, participant (17’30 )

Café Phil, January, 2010 – Sebastian, student, involved in the occupation of lecture hall C1 during the student protests at university, autumn 2009, Vienna (8’15)



Kost – Nix – Laden, Vienna

Student protests, Vienna

>click photos to see the sound-picture-collages!



2 responses to “informal markets Ø5

  1. taty

    hi Carmen,
    Your blog’s been a real help for my own project on the Naschmarkt at Uni. I’m also studying architecture :)
    I sent you an email, [MAN] ladies put me in touch with you.
    All the best!

  2. carmen

    hey taty, so nice to hear that you found some help here on my site :-)
    good luck for your project!

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