visual me #9

Keeping a close watch on the staging of the body in fashion reveals overlaps in the construction of a dichotomy of gender. In some of the latest designer`s collections, men`s wear becomes more ‘feminine‘, while women`s clothes get more wearable and puristic. A tendency against a whitewashing femininity, which can be observed far too often in the everyday performance of femininity in the streets: Women – and so do men- serve codes to be obviously classified. This is definitely boring and lacking any kind of originality.
I recognized the first styles of Damir Doma`s women`s collection for winter 2010/2011 mixed up with his male models during the latest men`s show. As far as there are overlaps to be concerned in the construction of gender through fashion, this may be a suggestion towards more freedom of expression. Whatever one wears intentionally, it becomes originally when the personality shines through, while being aware of the codes to be served.

I was thinking about a new way of achieving really beautiful clothes, adapting to the body without really forming it onto the body. So it was more about finding the right shape for the right material.
Damir Doma on his first women`s collection, Interview with Vogue Italia

credits: Vogue Italia

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