La villa Noailles , Hyères is probably most popular for it`s photography and fashion festival. But there`s a very committed and fresh look at contemporary architecture to be manifested: After Rudy Ricciotti, Patrick Bouchain, Lacaton & Vassal, Luca Merlini et André Lefèvre & Jean Aubert, la villa Noailles is going to show ‘Construire Ailleurs‘ (‘Build Somewhere Else’) between February 14 and March 28, 2010. The show presents sustainable and caring projects, that were planned in the West and build in the East by TYIN and Anna Heringer. Norwegian architects  TYIN set up a humanitarian organization for building houses with orphan teens and with help of the local population. Their projects get realized in Africa and Asia. It´s a thematic priority of TYIN`s projects to respect the local and environmental conditions:

TYIN tegnestue is a non-profit organization working humanitarian through architecture. We aim to build strategic projects that can improve the lives for people in difficult situations. Through extensive collaborations with locals we hope that our projects can have an impact beyond the physical structure.

credits: TYIN, orphelinat, ‘Soe Ker Tie’, © Pasi Alto

German architect Anna Heringer reinterpreted the ancients`construction system in her pojects in Bangladesh and Africa:

Architecture is a tool to improve lives. the vision behind, and motivation for my work is to explore and use architecture as a medium to strengthen cultural and individual confidence, to support local economies and to foster the ecological balance. Joyful living is a creative and active process and I am deeply interested in the sustainable development of our society and our architecture. For me, sustainability is a synonym for beauty: a building that is harmonious in its design, structure, technique and use of materials, as well as with the location, the environment, the user, the socio-cultural context.

credits: Anna Hering, METI – Handmade School in Rudrapur

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