visual me #10

scan of ad from ‘’, ‘And What`s The Most Important For You In Life?’, published in Spiegel

This ad of ‘Ihre Deutschen Versicherer’ (Your German Insurance) conveys the impression of showing different people of contemporary German society. At a first glance, the images present a side by side of young and old, women and men. But a closer look reveals stereotypical structures: From all together six people shown, two of them are women. That`s less than half of it or 33,3%. A remarkable percentage, regarding the fact, that Germany has 82,5 million inhabitants, 42,2 of them are female.
One of the women already has family, the other one is dreaming of a house and kids – what else should they be dreaming of?! Both are hetero-sexual as the drawings they show reveal. Last but not least, career-making belongs to young and energized men only.



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5 responses to “visual me #10

  1. at least we’ve got the guy who only loves his mother. that’s a clue that the heterosexual matrix may be broken up a wee little bit.

    and, somehow, this rings a Bernhard-Willhelm-for-Angewandte bell ;)


    yay – great association, the b.w.-bell :-)) …if b.w. was inspired by deutsche-versicherer???!
    mmh, even if the mother-loving guy breaks up the hetero-matrix, it`s quite woolly. just to say <1.

  3. bw is from schwabenland anyway – which rings the schwäbisch hall bell, and that’s an insurance company, too, isn’t it? if I remember correctly from the olden sat TV days ;)


    yeah, you`re right. so many bells ringing now, feels like in church on sundays..;===)))


    and not to forget about the ‘häusle-bau’ mentality maligning the schwäbisch people`s character..could be a great connection for my architectural ambitions…8-)

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