brave, new [inter]creativity.

Christoph Thun-Hohenstein and Hans Hollein, March 11, 2010, Vienna/ tape installation by numen / for use

Quer – Symposium And Laboratory For Intercreativity (March 11-13, 2010, Vienna): Intercreativity stands for interdisciplinary projects, which get created by two or more creatives from different departments. The symposium`s aim was to focus on the creative potential lying in interdisciplinary cooperation in the field of creativity.

We need creative curiosity, openness and responsibility instead of greed, routine and egoism.

Since a few years, self-realization through creative labor, named with the term Creative Industries, is the latest economic hype. As a creative, one produces and creates under the circumstances of risk, flexibility and self-reliance while relinquishing social security. Cultural and artistic production is often used as a tool for gentrification : underprivileged parts of western cities get revitalized through settlement of those, belonging to the catch-all-term Creative Industries. Art and culture help re-branding cities and turning them into creative spectacles.

Intercreativity can as well serve as a tool for mediation, which can release fear of embarking cultural accomplishments through fresh, innovative and coherent approaches.

The fact, that creatives live under precarious circumstances far too often disappears behind the pink-balloon of economic success.
Their success is more often determined by funding and the good-will or sympathy of politicians and officials. Temporary projects do not give any security for the future. So people are invited to work self-employed without being free. Creative production becomes instrumentalised for governmental purpose.
How do critical creatives, which already build a minority, get nurtured? Do even they have to build their creative identity towards the rules of the markets and their up-coming clients??

If the arts demand for out-of-the-box thinking by the audience, they have to pit themselves against this demand.

Isn`t this a basic rule to creative process? You have to come out of your box, for otherwise nothing would happen. Creative production is – and has always been- emerging under a huge number of various influences and different factors. Communication and openness, just to name two, are inevitable requirements of being creative, for otherwise there won`t be any inspiration or anything new to be discovered.
I found myself in the perfect situation underlining my doubts about a rather new term ‘Intercreativity’, when it came to a talk between Thun- Hohenstein (departure) and architect and designer Hans Hollein. After his architectural studies at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Hollein can now look back on an immense pool of experiences in the field of architecture, design, art, various publications, exhibition design and stage design (in cooperation with Lagerfeld, who was responsible for the costumes, at Burgtheater, Vienna) and also teaching architecture.
In the talk at Quer, he avoided getting into the construct of a discussion about ‘Intercreativity’ –  for why should he talk about a process that`s obviously implicit to his work?

Quer generates its self-image by pushing and emphasizing inherent structures of creative process as something new and quit affordable. Below its surface, it`s about striving for economic success through creativity and innovations at the push of a button.

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