introduce myself.

Installation views,
Katrin Keller, ‘Introduce Myself’
Installation, 340 prints on aluminum, Video, 4 min. 48 sec.

In the multimedia installation ‘Introduce Myself’ the viewer finds himself confronted with a wall of 340 portraits, film stills from videos to be found on  YouTube in the category ‘Introduce Myself’: Placed in front of the pictures, a video-screen shows a woman, speaking with different external (even male) voices about her life. The changing voices refuse any supposition of identity of the woman. The video poses questions between the construction of identity through various forms of self-staging and the discussion about authorship in virtual publicity: users show their personality and private sphere which can be reused and -published without a check.

‘Introduce Myself’ is part of the exhibition Digital Material, Freiraum 21, MQ Vienna

An apt quotation of Oliver Zahm, master of self-staging, editor Purple Magazine, blog purple diary, in an interview with, on the challenges and opportunities of new technologies:

So the blog is also this vocation to see what constructs a lifestyle, to see what could be. If my life would be perfect, it would look like the Purple Diary. You see what I mean? It’s an illusion, too. I’m constructing a character.


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