the artist is present.

credits: lifestreaming at MoMA

Performance is all about the dialog, energy dialog and being present in here and now. The audience is like a dog – they can immediately feel that you`re afraid, that you`re unsecure, that you`re not in the right state of mind. And they just leave, you know, the attention is gone.

Marina Abramovic, in: Teaching the next generation

‘The Artist Is Present’, a performance of Marina Abramovic, takes place between March 14 and May 31, 2010 at MoMA, N.Y. Visitors have the chance to sit in front of Abramovic, getting in confrontation with the artist`s presence while, at same time, being thrown back to themselves. This performance will be the longest duration of time, Abramovic has performed a solo piece. The scene can be steadily viewed via life-stream. This won`t replace a visit on location, but is an extension of Abramovic`s show. At the same time it deals with the question of repetition in performance art: The implicit fleeting character of performances to be repeated and recorded, so that the inherent coded and cultural knowledge won`t get misused and lost in times 0f digital age.


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