the poetics of space.

Although we are directly influenced by our surroundings, the awareness of the importance of physical space in times of far-reaching technological developments is rather unexploited. Comparatively few people got knowledge of the fact, that space in all its different forms, has an influence on our behavior, our social life, on social structures and in the most direct way on our body. The creation of space can be used to substantiate balances of power and to manifest sexual stereotyping, while it can also enhance constructive social developments. Space can be designed for the needs of people including them through participation and in harmony with the environments.
Sonic Acts XIII – The Poetics of Space , a conference in Amsterdam, now taking place between February 25 – 28, 2010 examines the physical and psychological impact of spatial designs in performative and audivisual art, film, science, music and architecture.

Researching spatiality in the arts forms the core of the festival. How is space defined by a work of art? What does a viewer or listener experience? How do technological artworks deal with the visual, auditory and psychological aspects of spatiality? How has the relationship between technology, space and architecture developed over the past few centuries? How have technological developments influenced our perception and representation of space, and how do we relate to the space that surrounds us?


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